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Care for Strays

In ‘Rescue Ma’, our aim is to provide sustainable solutions to stray cattle problem. In addition to finding permanent solutions, we realized that we would need some interim measures to provide immediate relief to these strays. After much deliberation, we decided to make some kind of troughs where we can provide food & water to […]

Stray cattle problem & solution!!!

A well known verse from Mahabharata which means –“Donation of cows is superior to all other types of donations. Cows are supreme and sacred.” Cow is the only animal on this planet that gives us different invaluable things her entire life; cow’s milk has been proven to be the best super-food on earth that can […]

Looking beyond milk

It’s heart wrenching to see cows, bulls & their young calves roaming on the roads of our country as stray animals & dying in accidents. Some scholars would say why worry only about cattle, there are other stray animals also on the road then why this distinction & quickly turn it down as a religious/political […]