We at Nirvi Gau Sadan have the technical knowhow & the infrastructure to impart training &/or implement projects on –

  • Best practices of dairy farming.
  • Production of milk & milk products: curd, cottage cheese, mozzarella, etc.
  • Creation/production of nitrogen rich vermicompost & its usage in improving the structure of the soil (aggregation).
  • Biogas plant for fuel & power generation: green/clean energy, floating/fixed implementation & maintenance.
  • Usage of biogas plant slurry as a fertilizer.

Due to our best in class infrastructure, technical knowledge & progressive practices, we were selected to open the Farm Field School (Animal Husbandry) at the block level for the year 2018-19 under ATMA scheme by Chief Agriculture Officer, Dehradun. Till now we have conducted multiple training programs providing farmers with the technical knowhow & best practices of dairy farming.