Mother & Child

The highest of all relations is the mother & child relation; the only
bond that is formed even before a child is born. As far as this
relationship is concerned, there is no difference between humans &

The modern dairy farm practices propagate to separate the calf from
the mother cow immediately after the calf is born so that the cow must
adapt to the modern milking machines. Cows are just seen as milk
producing machines rather than as lactating mothers. Separating a
child from mother cannot be right in any way; be it humans or animals.
It is not only wrong but cruel.

The male calves are either abandoned or often starved to death.

In my own experience, the calves that are separated from their mothers
at birth or at an early age show diminished growth both physically &
mentally as compared to the calves that spend their early age with
their mothers. In addition, the separated calves often become very
aggressive when they grow up.

Instead of blindly following west; where the focus is more on meat
rather than milk; we should analyze the so called best practices,
evaluate their efficacy & must adapt these practices according to our
culture & beliefs.

In our culture, cows have always been considered as an integral part
of the family; cow is like a family member who cares & nurtures us
with her milk, dung & urine her whole life. I have explained in my
earlier posts as to how the cows are at the core of Vedic & organic
farming. No doubt the cows are revered & worshipped in our culture as

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