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Cow manure has a special place in Vedic Hindu tradition. Cakes made from cow manure are ideal for fire sacrifices and for various ceremonial rituals. The smoke of cow manure clears the air of germs creating a pure and holy atmosphere.

Cow manure also acts as an excellent insect & mosquito repellent & is much better than the chemical based mosquito repellents that emit poisonous & harmful fumes causing health related problems.

It is important to have the right amount of moisture in the manure for making cakes of specific shape & size. If the manure is fresh then you won’t need to add any water in it but if the manure is old then you may need to add some water in it to increase the moisture content.

Some herbs can also be mixed in the manure to improve the overall quality of the smoke.

We need to ensure that the cake is neither too thin nor too thick. If it is too thin it might break; if it is too thick the cake may not burn properly.

Check out the below video on our youtube channel – ‘Rescue Ma’ for step by step guidance to make havan cakes from cow manure.

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