Require volunteers !!!

Rescue Ma is working at the grass root level meeting with farmers & SHGs(Self Help Groups) to spread awareness about the ill-practices that are currently prevalent in our society with respect to animals & cows in particular.

Instead of focusing solely on milk, we need to start utilizing cow manure & cow urine which can be used for different purposes & can help farmers become financially independent & stronger.

We would require volunteers to help us spread awareness & take this mission forward.

We understand that we might face lot of challenges in our quest & the path won’t be easy. Covid has made the situation even more complex; the divide between rich & poor has never been so bigger.

But we’ll keep trying as journey is more important than the destination & some goals are so worthy it’s glorious even to fail.

We might have to make personal sacrifices & we might have to tread this path alone but it’s better to walk alone on the right path then follow the herd in the wrong direction.

In case you would like to join our mission, you can call/mail us or drop by –

Phone/Whatsapp – 9557687679/ 9632700774
E-mail –
Address – Dehradun-Rishikesh Road,
Near Dehradun Airport,
Dehradun, Uttarakhand

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