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Our planet is in the grip of covid waves; 2nd here; 3rd there; mutations all over.

Mass vaccinations are happening all over the world but as we all know prevention is better than cure.

We need to seriously introspect not only on the root causes of this pandemic but also on the ways of our living. Developed nations are seeing more severe pandemic than the developing nations; similarly urban areas with much better healthcare systems are seeing more fatalities than the economically & medically backward rural areas. May be our definition of development is not completely accurate. May be we need to ponder on the idea that healthy sustainable living might be a richer way to live rather than a fast paced materialistic living. After all living is an art that a very few comprehend.

Lockdowns did confirm one thing that health is more important than money; immunity is more important than medicines & self sustainability is more important than the capitalistic economic interdependence.

People have realized in a hard way that future can’t be taken for granted. As Swami Rama used to say, we need to take care of our present & the future will take care of itself.

The only way to save the current & the future generations is to go back to a more humane eco-friendly sustainable living. Conservation of water, forests, environment & our ecosystem is no more an option now.

Human race has been threatened; we are at the precipice; this is our moment; now is when we shall evolve.

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