New arrivals

Glad to inform you that Lakshmi our beloved cow has given birth to a lovely reddish brown colored baby bull.

We shot a small video on same to introduce you to the new arrivals on our farm. Have added that video to our YouTube channel – Rescue Ma & have also given the link at the end of this post.

As you would see in the video, Lakshmi is licking her new born continuously; by licking the baby calf, the mother cow not only cleans the baby but the little strokes by the cow in the form of licking the baby calf helps stimulate the blood flow in the new born.

After delivery, for the first 3 to 4 days, the mother cow gives colostrum which is very healthy & is vital to the overall development of the baby.

It takes a week for the new born to attain all the senses including vision & hearing.

Baby calf identifies the mother via her unique smell.

For the first month, the baby is completely dependent on mother’s milk for his/her growth & survival. After one month, the baby starts eating grass as his/her digestive system develops.

Everyone in the herd is happy & excited to see a new addition in the family; so are we… :).

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