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Environment protection being one of the focus areas of our trust, “Welfare One”, we have been planting trees on a regular basis especially on our Dehradun campus.

By planting these trees we aim to develop & promote a natural ecosystem which is sustainable & self-sufficient i.e. one step closer to our aim of adopting & implementing permaculture on our model farm.

In the below video, we’ll give you a tour of our campus & show you the different trees that have been planted.

There are fruit trees including mango, banana, lichi, guava, Indian gooseberry(amla) & Indian blackberry(jamun). There are flower trees including kaner, gulmohar, jacaranda, peltophorum & hibiscus; There are fodder trees including mulberry(shahtoot) as well as Medicinal trees including neem & curry leaves. 

Trees not only give us fruits, flowers, fodder & medicine but also give us shade & enhance the natural beauty of a place.

They not only provide us oxygen but help in controlling air pollution as well as noise pollution, prevent soil erosion, help in recycling water and provide home & food to numerous species of animals & birds.

The list of benefits that a tree provides is huge & it won’t be an overstatement to say that trees are a true blessing to the life on earth; so keep planting trees & help make our planet a better place to live!!!

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