Rain water harvesting

With unpredictable weather conditions & depleting groundwater table, we at ‘Welfare One’ believe that water harvesting is not an option any more but has become an urgent need of the hour. Consequently water harvesting is one of our primary focus areas in ‘Welfare One’.

In our ‘Rescue Ma’ cow shelter, water is required for multiple purposes including cleaning, irrigation as well as providing drinking water to the cattle. Several times in the past we have experienced acute water shortages on our farm especially in summers. Hence we decided to implement a model rain water harvesting project at our cow shelter.

We chose to keep the design & model real simple so that it can be effectively understood & implemented by the broad spectrum of farmers both big as well as small.

PVC pipes which are 4 inches wide are used to design the system to optimally collect rain water.

These pipes are first hooked to the end of the metallic sheets on the roof top with the help of wires & screws.

Water is transferred through a drainage pipe from the shed to a collection pit with the help of a metallic frame to ensure unrestricted flow of water & to avoid any leakage.

The water is filtered in this pit using a layer of pebbles & stones which keep the water clean.

The water then goes to the main water tank through a drain cover to further filter out any impurities.

A water pump is installed on this tank to pull out water for different purposes as explained above.

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