Rescue Ma Dhoop cones vs. chemical dhoops

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It’s a known fact that well known branded dhoops available in the market are full of poisonous chemicals in addition to charcoal that releases carbon dioxide in the air while burning & causes air pollution. The fumes of such dhoops though fragrant & pleasant to our senses contain hazardous particulates and volatiles that pose grave health risks and create breathing problems like COPD & asthma.

100% natural Rescue Ma dhoop cones are completely organic & are totally chemical & charcoal free. They are prepared from cow dung mixed with ghee(clarified butter) & camphor which supposedly release oxygen while burning & purifies the air from all the negative energy. We use natural fragrant herbs & resins like Sambrani, Loban, Frankincense, Guggal & Chandan which not only purifies our surrounding but also improves our health and offers natural vedic lifestyle.

Choose Rescue Ma dhoop cones over chemical dhoops
Save our cows!!! Save our planet!!! Save our health!!!

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