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Slowly but surely we are discovering the side effects of chemical based fertilizers & insecticides on our food & water. Being eco-friendly is no more a choice but the need of the hour.

At Nirvi Gau Sadan, we make vermicompost using cow dung in our own farm in scientifically designed compost pits. Another important ingredient in our compost is neem which further enhances the quality of our compost.

Contrary to the fears that neem, a powerful nematicide, may not be palatable to the annelids, the earthworms actually feed voraciously on the neem mixed cow dung, converting up to 7% of the dung into compost per day. Indeed the worms grow faster and reproduce more rapidly in the neem-fed vermi beds. The vermicompost thus produced acts not just as an excellent fertilizer but also as an excellent pesticide.

Researchers have proved that vegetables and fruits grown using vermicompost stay fresh for a longer time and also has a better taste. Benefits of our neem based vermicompost –

  • High in soluble nitrogen, potash, potassium, calcium, magnesium, many other trace elements & over 150 micro-nutrients.
  • Rich in vitamins, enzymes, antibiotics and growth hormones making it the most complete plant food.
  • Neem increases plant’s resistance to pest attacks including some of the root diseases; in addition to providing protection from nematodes, a menace during seedling establishment.

Video on preparing vermicompost from cow manure

Preparing vermicompost from cow manure

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