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Making Diyas from cow dung

“Gomaye vasate Lakshmi” which literally means… Goddess Lakshmi who is the goddess of wealth & prosperity resides in cow dung. Lighting diyas made of cow dung on Diwali is therefore not only symbolic but shall also enhance the effectiveness of one’s prayers. In addition, Gomaye diyas are compostable & can be reused as excellent manure […]

Making havan cakes from cow manure

Cow manure has a special place in Vedic Hindu tradition. Cakes made from cow manure are ideal for fire sacrifices and for various ceremonial rituals. The smoke of cow manure clears the air of germs creating a pure and holy atmosphere. Cow manure also acts as an excellent insect & mosquito repellent & is much […]

Rescue Ma Dhoop cones vs. chemical dhoops

It’s a known fact that well known branded dhoops available in the market are full of poisonous chemicals in addition to charcoal that releases carbon dioxide in the air while burning & causes air pollution. The fumes of such dhoops though fragrant & pleasant to our senses contain hazardous particulates and volatiles that pose grave […]