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Case 7 – Abandoned, hit by a speeding car & broke her hind leg.

Status – Rescued her on Mar 14th, 2022, did emergency treatment & shifted her to the Kaanji house next day.

Case 6 – Abandoned, met with an accident & injured her neck; wound got severely infected due to lack of proper hygiene.

Status – Rescued her on Aug 7th, 2021 & provided her with the first aid. After she got recovered, moved her to the Kaanji house on Aug 12th, 2021.

Case 5 – Abandoned, malnourished & met with an accident; sustained injuries to head, tail bone & hind leg. Treatment started on Apr 20th, 2021.

Before Treatment

Status – Treatment completed; recovered – Jun 15th, 2021.

After treatment

Case 4 – PID with severe infection in uterus as on Apr’ 21.

Status – Treatment completed; recovered in Jun’ 21.

Case 3 – Abandoned, malnourished & met with an accident; badly bruised hind leg.

Status – Treatment completed; recovered.

Case 2 – Met with an accident; fracture in one of the front legs.

Status – Treatment in progress; plaster done; under observation as on Mar 2nd 2020.

Couldn’t get up; led to multiple organs failure; expired on Apr 21st 2020.

Case 1 – Met with an accident; one of the hind legs is broken.

Status – Treatment in progress; under observation as on Jan 17th 2020.

Couldn’t recover; expired on Apr 15th 2020.